Question about best way for an user to move from old Krita donation system to new Krita donation system


Sorry if this is not the right place for post, but seem not fall on other category, so try this at here.

I has a monthly donation in Krita’s old donation system (that were setup long time ago)

As the payment method is about to expire, so I wish to delete payment info from there and move on to the new Krita donation platform

But did not find a way to cancel/modify in old system. Is there a contact info/procedure on how to achieve it? (did search through the new donation site/system, but the contact link to this fourm, other email address in website mentioned as not for user support issue)

I think in past did contact someone (forgot what method), and it was mentioned it was cancel for me, but continue to see charge comes in through that payment method.


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:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @Danil_Ko!

Thank you very much for your support.
This is a question that can probably best be answered by @halla or @tiar and I have pinged them with this.

Have a beautiful day and always happy painting!


It’s best if you write to There is no “smart” migration system (unfortunately it wasn’t really possible, afaik :frowning: ), so in all cases the old system must be cancelled and the new started, though of course it would be best to do in a way that doesn’t for example double the amount in one month. But that would be handled by Halla and it’s best to contact by mail because then you can submit your info etc.

I guess the “not for user support” mostly means “not for asking questions about how Krita works or why it doesn’t work on your system” but user support as in payments, or any business stuff, then for sure the email is the correct way.


Thanks both!, I just now send email to now! Will see if it solves the issue.

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