Question about groups on K-A

About the groups, there is only one group so far, and it is that of the moderators.
Question, Could a user create a group of his/her/their own? if not, why?
I know this is a stupid request, but could there be groups for users to join, such as anime, cartoon, or realism?
(groups for people using certain ‘art style types’ )

As far as I know groups as they are part of this forum software is for managing user access to certain features only. It’s not like groups on social media i.e. Facebook to join people with same interests.

If you want to discuss a certain topic like Anime or something else you can simply create a new discussion in #lounge.

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Thank you @Takiro , It was a suggestion of mine.
And there is no problem with having a discussion in #lounge :wink:

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