Question about the site's browsing behaviour

Something that frustrates me a bit with the site behaviour is the way it always resets to the top when I back out of a thread.

I really wish it would remain, or scroll back to the last visited post so I don’t have to keep scrolling back down the list to find where I was.

Is it possible to change the site settings to do that?

I was going to add a poll, but I’m not sure if I’ve missed something (I checked user settings) or it’s an issue with my web-browser.


For me it remembers but not always. I think mostly when I revisit the topic via the unread topics tab otherwise I’m not sure.

Do you mean when you go back to homeoage and comeback to the thread you are at the first post?

There is no setting for any scroll or other behaviour related to this on the admin dashboard

I mean on the expanded list of topics you get when you click on ‘more’ at the bottom of ‘latest’.

When I view a topic and then click back on my browser to return to the list, it always jumps to the top of the page rather than the point where I entered the topic.

It does at least highlight the last topic I opened.

The only way around it is to open a topic in a new tab instead.

Edit: It does do the same thing on the homepage, but the list is short there so isn’t really a problem.