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is it allowed to argue on politics or religion or anything like that even accidently on this site?

I don’t think, that’s not the role of this forum… but art is art and what if of a militant artwork… ? :thinking:
Let @raghukamath giving you an official answer


The general goal of the forum is to talk about Krita and artwork made from Krita. One can express themselves by means of artwork. And if the artwork is about something political then there will be some discussion and debate about it. But it should not be the main goal and main purpose. When to stop the discussion by stepping in will be decided by the moderators and people involved will be given ample warnings if they are going astray.

That said it is better to avoid controversial topics and inciting artworks since it would be awkward if there are legal notices and Govt. orders to remove those. We are bound by laws to follow orders. It would be risking the functioning of this forum and I keep the functioning of the forum at the top in priority than defending some post. I would personally defend your freedom of expression and speech but as an admin of the forum my main goal is to keep this website functioning and in accordance with the laws.

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so I’m allowed to do caricature of it?!

Caricature of what exactly? If your topic of caricature breaks laws, hurts someone else’s sentiments, religious beliefs etc then I am afraid we will remove it.

not against or making fun of.

not against or making fun of?

I am still not clear about the topic. Okay, you can post, and we can decide it is okay to keep it.

OK, thanks.

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