Quick Tip: When setting up a brush that has a clear "up" (think grass) to rotate based on drawing angle, preserve the up direction

I was asked by Krita’s official YouTube channel, to share this quick tip here:

(Here it is collected in an imgur album)

If you set up a brush with a clear “up” to rotate based on drawing angle,

you’ll run into this issue, where the orientation flips depending on whether you go left or right:

If you want to be able to go either way and basically always get an up-facing brush, here is a simple trick:

Add mirroring. The relevant bits are

  • Activate Mirroring based on Drawing Angle
  • Deactivate Mirroring based on Pressure
  • In the options for Drawing Angle, check “Vertical” on top
  • Set up your curve to go to 0% at 180° while it’s 100% at 0° and 360°


And voila, your brush now has a fixed up direction.
(Because Mirroring is a discrete action, you might get slightly weird behavior at nearly vertical directions, but any reasonably flat stroke ought to work)



Thanks for the tip and welcome to the forum :heart:

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It is a very good tip. Glad you like the idea of share the tip here :wink: And welcome to the KA community. I am sure you are going to enjoy it a lot.