R.A.M. crashing on Android wondering if it's just me

Android 12
Krita 5.1.2 (play store)

So I have only 3Gb ram 1.5 of which is system, I’m working on a picture and it’s crashing every time I go to do anything I noticed the layers all have me at 1.1Gb for ram I’ve noticed this before if I am at a high ram use Krita crashes more on me when I try anything like make a group or select an area even auto save will crash me at this point. Is this my imagination or have others had this happen too? @sh-zam I don’t know if this is something you’ve seen before or not but I thought you might wanna know.

I have not experienced this but my documents have never been as big as you’re describing. You may just be hitting (or exceeding) your tablet’s abilities.

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I’m not use to an art app using ram either the ones I was using like artflow use a memory cache not ram which is better in ways but limiting in other ways. Sadly I can’t even reduce anything without a crash so I guess I’ll have to abandon those pieces :sob:

Some are able to reduce the size of a document by trimming to canvas size. This only helps if you have some painting or imported images that extend beyond the edge of the canvas. Each filter or action will act upon the whole thing, not just the part we see on the canvas, that’s why you end up saving on RAM.

I use selection most times to keep from crossing the canvases edge. No this time I made a mistake to use 16 bit Rgb instead of 8bit that’s what got me this time.


I’ve noticed that in my S7 tablet and now I keep it at 8 bit.


Yes, unfortunately there is an issue of crashing when using large documents on device with humble amount of RAM, what you can do is reduce the memory limit in Performance tab (Settings → Configure Krita). This will make Krita utilize the disk rather than keep everything in RAM. But there is still one loophole. When Krita autosaves/saves, Krita projects everything into the memory which can make things crash.

So, I would suggest whenever you have to leave app save while the app is in foreground (this makes the Android process give us the most memory we can have). Also if you tweak the Memory Limit in performance settings the autosave functionality may have some room to stretch. Do note, currently the save/autosave does not use Memory Limit (which I assume is something to be fixed).


So, what would be a good amount to put in? (My device has 6GB RAM)

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I put it to 50% now thank you, also should I change the swap file limit as well it’s currently set to 4gb?

Questions like these are always very hard to answer, given the very dynamic nature of everything underneath. Like sometimes the OS won’t kill the app even if it asks for more than 50% of the device memory over a period of time. But other times it will be ruthless even if 25% of the memory is consumed instantly. So, there isn’t a definitive answer.

The best you can do is reduce the RAM if and only if Krita crashes and crashes the systemUI along the way, you can know when this happens is when the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds and home screen starts rendering the icons, notifications etc.

That should be good. Swap size gives Krita while it is running a room to stretch its memory into, but do note you should still try to keep file size low because save and autosave unfortunately don’t have a swapping mechanism in place to ease the memory pressure.

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Samsung has a feature since One UI 4.1 that’s called Ram+ which uses part of the flash memory as a virtual Ram and it can be configured to set the preferred amount. If Krita send everyting to Ram when it needs to save that could help even if it’s a bit slower.

And I think other Android vendors have something similar.


I saw that (Ram+) and didn’t know anything about it so I didn’t mess with it.

I have never seen that tyvm I just set it on I’m sure an extra 4gb will serve me well.