ragged lines

krita not working properly on xp pen artist 12 pro. no matter the brush, the lines are ragged with spontaneous spikes. already tried downloading again.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Uninstalling and reinstalling krita will not affect anything.
What you have has been seen before and is probably caused by a mismatch between the settings inside krita and the settings of your tablet setup/configuration utility.

Go to Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings and then change from Wintab to Windows Ink (or vice versa) and see if that fixes the problem.
If it doesn’t, go to your tablet config utility and make sure that any Windows Ink option is enabled or disabled to match what you’ve set in krita.

If none of that works, try to get the latest tablet driver from the XP-Pen website and uninstall the old driver then install the new driver, then restart your PC.
Have your tablet disconnected while you’re doing driver changes.

hi ahab! thank you very much for helping out! fortunately installing the latest tablet driver worked out :smile: let’s hope it’ll keep working! take care :slight_smile:

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