Rainbow Gradient Preset and Gradient SetColorAt Numerical

just a gradient to choose from the current list but the values go in a rainbow like fashion like this:

hue.setColorAt(0.000, QColor(255, 0, 255)); # MAGENTA
hue.setColorAt(0.166, QColor(0, 0, 255)); # BLUE
hue.setColorAt(0.333, QColor(0, 255, 255)); # CYAN
hue.setColorAt(0.500, QColor(0, 255, 0)); # GREEN
hue.setColorAt(0.666, QColor(255, 255, 0)); # YELLOW
hue.setColorAt(0.833, QColor(255, 0, 0)); # RED
hue.setColorAt(1.000, QColor(255, 0, 255)); # MAGENTA

to allow to do stuff like this:

Also the Gradient Editor is not exposing the value of SetColorAt position in numerical values.
I made my own rainbow gradient just now and I was eye balling I think I did okay but would be nice to see where it is really at.

I can’t help you because I don’t understand half of what you do. But it is a pleasure to see the ideas you have and how you create them. Your tools are great.