Rakurri Brush Tip Generator - Make brush tips faster and easier than ever!

I made something I have wanted for a long time! A Brush Tip Generator :grin:
You can tweak sliders to make unique and random shapes, and export the brush tip, either as transparent PNG or opaque, to be used in any software.

Showcase video:

It’s made with Substance Designer and exported as a Substance Asset File so that everyone can use it for free with the program Substance Player.

Here’s a download link for Substance Player, which is required to open the generator: https://substance3d.adobe.com/documentation/sp31/substance-player-2294742.html

Substance Player is sadly not available on all Linux distros from what I’ve heard, but it should be available on some! My hopes are to make a version 2 in the future that uses Blender when its new texturing features arrive so that easy and quick brush tip-making is truly available to everyone, free and open-source, and easy to be modified by anyone for free! That can possibly be years away, as I will wait for Blender’s texturing plans to come to fruition. I want to develop it further down the line when I get more time, but I thought it was worth sharing even in an early stage, as the variety of brush tips that can be made is already wide!

Here is a picture of the interface:

A few examples of brush tips made with it:

Download on Ko-fi:


Oh man so much to play with. I hope i can discover some nice brush strokes and then share with yall


This is really exciting !
Surely give it a try by end of this week .


Thank you so so much @tachiko and @ari ! :blush: It makes me so glad to hear that! :heart:


bro this is huge

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Thank you megamuch! :grin: Happy to share!