random blotch of colour from nowhere.

this blotch of gradient color came out of nowhere and now I can’t get rid of it, even with all the layers turned off, its still there.

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This may be an accidental reference image caused by Ctrl+Shift+R.

If you select the Reference Images Tool in the Toolbox (looks like a board pin), does that gradient patch become surrounded with a content box?
If it does, it’s a reference image. You can then press the Del key to delete it.

If it’s not a reference image, some more thought will be needed.


ah thank you! that was exactly what it is. I was so tired I didnt even consider that possibility.

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This was a really good catch. I first thought it’s one of these artifacts that sometimes happen when you have a complicated FX layer or something and Krita messes up the visibility of a few chunks.

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@Takiro This happened to someone else over two years ago and was a total puzzle. I asked them to send the .kra file and I looked inside it and saw the reference image :slight_smile:
I’ll never forget that so I was mentally ‘primed’ for this.


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