RandomImpression brush

I just made this brush and thought it could be used for foliage or something else. It’s based on a brush that I had made in Infinite Painter.

You can get it here and try it out.

Let me know if it works!
Edit: changed the link to a bundle rather than a .kpp


I did need to rename it as .kpp.
It’s using an Auto tip. I think it’s missing ‘Impressionistic Brush.png’?
Is that one you have in your collection but I don’t?

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Yes, how do I fix that?

This is it in the editor:

I thought that the brush tip was connected to the preset in some way for the kpp files so that they could be shared. How do others share the kpp files and the tip is included?

the kpp files only have the name of the brush tip they need to look up. its important to know that a kpp is actually a png image of the thumbnail and the settings are stored in the metadata. it doesnt contain any brush tips. if you want to share brushes with brush tips its best to make a bundle.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll edit the first post for that then. :+1:t2:


Thank you for this brush, @CrazyCatBird. I’m playing with it now. Really enjoying it.

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I have it now - thank you. It’s very leafy :slight_smile:

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@Sooz @AhabGreybeard Yay! Enjoy! I’d like to see what you guys make. :grin::+1:t2:

Sorry, I feel so stupid: I’ve downloaded and installed it (correct way), but…I can’t find your brush…
So nice brush ! “Dommage” :slightly_smiling_face: What should I do please ??

Right below your brushes docker, there should be a search bar. Type in “random” and it should show up. Or you can use the brush chooser drop-down and it has a search also.

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