Really deleting a post

Is there a way for me to delete a posted topic? Clicking on the 3 dots and then on the dustbin icon deletes the image, but leaves the (now empty) topic. I need to delete the old post completely, so that I can re-post the corrected image.

You can edit your own contents to remove any existing uploaded image and replace it with a new one.
You can also edit the title/category of the topic by clicking the pencil icon at the end of the topic title.

I think the inability to entirely delete a topic is to prevent any replies also being deleted,
However, it would be good to be able to delete your own topic if there are no replies to it.

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I can’t figure out how to upload a new image to an existing topic. Attempting to re-create the same topic gets me a complaint that a topic with that name already exists.

In the left side text box, where you type, there is a linked reference to any image you’ve uploaded.
You can edit that to delete the link text and then upload a different image.

Thank you for coming to my aid… but I don’t understand. What is “the left side text box”? When I click on the orange edit icon, I am presented with a history, but it seems uneditable.

Here is a picture of a pink rose:

Please wait…

Edit: I removed the reference to the rose and uploaded a new image.

I get a text box like you’re showing, but only when I add a new topic. Once the topic is up, I can’t seem to get back to that text box.

I did get the correct image posted; I am able to edit the title of the old post, even though I can’t upload a new image to it. By changing the name of the old post, I was able to create a new post using the new image and the old name.

If you edit the text of the post, as I did, you should be able to delete the old image reference and upload a new image, as I show in the screenshot.

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Ok, I think I finally got it. Thank you for your help!


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