Recent Documents bug 5.1.0 beta 2

This was a problem in the 5.0 version as well. Concerns the main startup window with the recent documents display. If there are more than one recent documents displayed, selecting one seems to select all the options (they all turn grey).

I don’t think this is a bug, since neither in tab mode nor in sub-window mode, you can start other images from there after selecting the first one. Or is your intention to quickly select additionally pictures you want to work on, before the first picture you selected opens?

However, in case of sub-window mode, it would be worth considering keeping the selection options of Krita’s startup interface available, after all, when sub-windows are minimized, you can see that part of the interface again, it’s just all the options are hidden.


That’s not possible, a limitation of the QMDiArea class.

(But note that all recent files are also in the file menu, so they are still accessible.)

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What I was trying to describe originally wasn’t a huge deal but just to make sure, I added a picture lol. In my example you see four different projects that were recently opened and worked on. If I click on any one of those four options, they all turn grey (as if I had clicked on all four at the same time). I was trying to suggest this was a bug (maybe it’s not based on your responses). Normal behavior would be: only the one you clicked on turns grey. But since this is such a minor detail, considering that the option you selected to work on is the one that opens, maybe it’s not worth the effort to correct or change. I know there are other ways to open projects in Krita. I like that recent documents area it’s just easier to select the recent project you want to open. I understand not everyone uses Krita the same way. I could just click on the *.kra file too.