Recovering settings back up file - how to change backup file into normal file?

I did a reset all settings option, and it saved the back up file on local folder.

I’m following the manual, as it asks to rename the file to kritaarc, but the TYPE of file is still a backup “type” of file, and when i open this file on krita it says it can open a BACKUP type of file.

How do i change the kritaarc backup file into normal file?

it’s not just about renaming the name of the file…

I can’t find anything about it in the manual, can you post a link to where you found this? On windows you have to keep in mind that file extension are hidden by default, maybe it’s the extension marking it a backup file. I never opened the kritarc file with Krita, instead I copied it to where it should be before starting Krita.

Krita saved a file (i changed the name, i don’t remember the original) when i reseted settings to this folder, along with usual kritarc present file. In the right side you can see the kritarc is set as “ARQUIVO”(portuguese word for FILE, normal file) and the back up file is ARQUIVO BACKUP file, as you can see, i have renamed to same name (kritarc), and after that i chose to open this file with krita software, so it changed the icon into krita icon, so for windows i have no idea how to change the type of file (arquivo backup) into just arquivo, so it can open the backup it self created. I’m doing my best to explain correctly in english as technical terms is kind hard for me in english.

Link for the manual where it explains how to recover it

Alright i did it, there is an option that enable to see extensions in file name

For users that may encounter same problem and found my topic, just follow the instructions on this video below, the file will show the .backup extension name, and you can remove the .backup line easily.


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Kritarc file is a normal text file you can open it in text editor not krita

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