Redundantly embedded resources in bundles

tl;dr I’m asking why resources are redundantly embedded in brush preset files when they are already contained in a bundle. Hopefully this is the right place to discuss this.

Context: A certain brush bundle I’ve downloaded (Rakurri 2.0) is over 100MB. While it does have over a hundred brushes, I still figured it’s way larger than it should be. My investigation suggests the reason is because the brush presets have brush tips and patterns embedded in them, despite the fact that these resources are also part of the bundle itself. (The brush presets folder is around 100MB, while the brush tips and patterns combined are <20MB. The actual preset data of a brush, even including the icon, is probably <.1MB, meaning I’d expect the folder to be more like 1MB.)
Krita doesn’t seem to have any indication of whether a resource is embedded or not (though I could be missing something).

My point is that there should be a way to handle the difference between embedding resources (for solo distribution) and linking resources (for bundles and normal usage), and that does not appear to be possible currently.

Yeah. The reason it’s implemented this way is that before 5.0, there had been cases where patterns or brush tips weren’t included in the brush presets (I think it was mostly about brush tips specifically), because Krita didn’t do it on its own, and users had to remember to add them, but that was a bit buggy, so sometimes bundle creators had to do it themselves manually (unzipping, fixing the bundle, zipping again, checking if it finally works…). So, for Krita 5.0 I implemented bundle creator to always just put every resource other resources depend on into the bundle. But later, it was implemented so that brush presets include brush tips now (which makes it easier to share just one brush preset, since they’re independent now). However, no one turned off including brush tips and patterns into the bundle, and there is an argument that some users might want to use those brush tips and patterns for their own brushes…

Hopefully, in the future there will be a way to create bundles with both methods and it will be more clear. Right now, well, at least it’s better than it was before :stuck_out_tongue: