Reference Tool: tap to move - Android version

World it be possible to make the Reference Tool work so that a user can just do a long press then drag to move the Reference window around the canvas on Android? Also, can Pinch to zoom in and out be possible for the Reference Tool? This ability can speed up work flow on Android tablets.

I wanted to edit this but I guess it’s too late…
Anyway, after reading this page:

I decided to re-word my request in hopes of making it clearer…

Reference Tool for Android:
I Need to be able to tap (or long press) on the reference photo and move it around on canvas so as to be able to concentrate on a particular portion of the work… Right now, having to tap on a tool on the tool bar first slows down my workflow.

Also, being able to simply “pinch zoom” without having to first tap on the reference tool will enable workflows to be faster and smoother.

Another need for the reference tool: A tick-box to allow or disallow canvas size enlargment while Zooming in to see an area of detail. For instance, if I want to concentrate on the details of an eye, I need to be able to zoom in on my reference photo without the reference becoming so large as to block my working canvas.

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