Regarding using transform tool options in transform mask for animation

I had been making several small animation experiments with transform mask options,since krita 5 alpha and beta versions came out.
Personally I love this new feature and enjoying it.

But currently I am learning that the moment I am applying transform tool options like cage,wrap,liquify or mesh on transform mask layer,something strange is happening !

I saw that the selected transform area shows,but the main image(the art) gets disappered throughout the timeline.
I also had tried playing the animation and it plays fine,but without displaying the image !
So I am not sure what are the reasons here…

  1. is it like that the advanced transform tool options are not yet implemented inside Krita 5 animation?
  2. So will it it get implemented in final release of Krita 5 ?
  3. Or it is already available and I am the one who is making some stupid mistake again and again ?!
  4. Or it is a bug ?!!

Please let me know,if anybody have any information about this :slight_smile: !

I asked similar questions. I think it is not implemented because the following channel only contains simple transformations

The Warp etc transfom mask on an animated layer doesn’t work in 4.4.8 either. I think those transforms are special in some way.

@TheTwo I’ve just tried the Perspective transform mask on an animated layer with the Nov 21st 5.1.0-prealpha and it works and renders out to .mp4 but then crashes.

Please raise a formal bug report and post a link to it here.

Isn’t this a new feature in 5.0?
Transform Mask Animation and Scalar Channel Changes (!493) · Merge requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab (

Does it work properly? I think it only has Scaling, Rotation, and Shear channels, which should not be successful.
And I don’t know about 5.1, so I discuss it in the forum first

One of the developers would be able to give an explanation of how that is related to this situation.

That is the animated transform mask. It also has position channels.
I thought we were dealing with static transform masks.

I have a crash with 5.1.0-prealpha when using a static Perspective transform mask on an animated layer. This crash does not happen with 4.4.8.

@TheTwo @AhabGreybeard ,thanks for your input .
I haven’t tried out 5.1 pre alpha yet,so I am not sure if transform mask (for animation works) is responding better in that version or not !
But As far my testing goes (in KRITA 5 beta 2),I am having similar thoughts like @TheTwo .
Probably advanced transforming options in animation, are not yet fully implemented inside krita 5 testing versions.
As there not enough detailed written documentation (on current limits for using transform tool options for animation on transform mask layer) are available widely,I am starting get confused how to define anything as a bug !
Like when I am using general transform tool in transform mask layer( in animation docker), the “perspective” option is responding well to some extent,because probably the “shear” option(in animation curve docker) compensating well for the shape changing requirements.
Here is an example I have tried out :-

But the moment I am trying to apply more advanced transform options like wrap,cage,liquify or mesh on transform mask layer for animation works,it is not working !

I don’t know why,maybe because these particular transform options work more locally ?!
In that case , output requirement will have to match something like a shape tween animation,which works well in vector based animation only .
In that case,even in future I doubt if these special 4 transform options will be included for such transform layer based animation in Krita !