regular badge

I was told that there are things people who have the ‘regular’ badge can see and else can’t.
I just got it, and I don’t know were to look for it. can anyone point it out to me please?
thanks for the help.

This is the general Discourse Trust Level explanation:
Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

I don’t know if the ‘secure category’ has been implemented for Level 3 (Regulars) on this forum but I suspect not. Only the moderators could say for sure.

There is no such category which is restricted to users above certain level in the forum. There is a hidden category for staff to discuss forum matters like maintenance and other topics related to running the forum, topics which are exclusive to moderators and admins. But that category has hardly any topics in it :slight_smile:

Since @anonymous_unknown has got the regular level I will only advise in using the editing capabilities wisely.

thanks for the advice.