Remove the "bloody" overlay from the downloads

Hey there. time has changed a bit with the ebuild for gentoo Linux, and my overlay usually gets superseded within a few days by the KDE maintainers on gentoo. emerge krita can stay but the overlay is no longer needed.

We can ask @scottyp about this.

@bloodywing - It sounds like the command for gentoo on the download page needs to change. It currently has this command…

layman -a bloody && emerge --sync && emerge krita

Are you saying it needs to just change to this…

emerge krita

I can make the update whenever we get the corrected version clarified.

Yes exactly. emerge krita is enough. You also could remove the Gentoo information if you wish. I just wanted to inform hat my portage overlay currently hasn’t a ebuild maintained by me for krita. :slight_smile: so users would add an empty overlay to their Gentoo.

I think removing gentoo information would be good. It is the official way of installing krita on gentoo right? If yes it can go in the manual.

@bloodywing @raghukamath - I simplified it to just “emerge krita”. Are we saying Gentoo people don’t need a command at all now? Is just saying “Maintained by the community” enough for those users to understand what to do?

I think “Emerge Krita” is like sudo apt install Krita for gentoo, So it doesn’t need special mention on the download page. It can be in the manual on the installation page. We shouldn’t put distro package manager commands in the download page, It is okay for Flatpak and may be the ubuntu PPA is exception since it is not an official way.

Yes overlays are comparable to ppa or aur. And emerge is the “package manager” on Gentoo. So I think it’s also okay to completely remove it. The overlay by me was the not official way because Gentoo ebuilds for krita had such slow updates :slight_smile: I hope this clears it up now.