Removing the version number from tab name in Krita Plus

So, the latest “Proper” Krita release has some bugs that I find annoying that impede my workflow. I wanted to use the Krita Plus release since aforementioned bugs have already been fixed there, but it, annoyingly, always displays the version number in the tab name, meaning that I can only fit maybe 3 or 4 files open simultaneously before switching between them becomes a chore.

I understand that the version number serves as a warning of sorts, but is there a way to hide it?

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I don’t think there is one.

Well that sucks. Is there any estimated date on when the next official release is going to be? Some of the bugs present in 4.3.0 make my workflow a nightmare, but I the version numbering in tabs makes using Plus/Next aggravating.

@boud just pushed a change to remove the version number from it, so you should be able to download tomorrow’s Krita Plus.



Currently doing some test with Plus and Next versions, and then, no more information visible on interface about which version I’m currently using…

I can understand that’s can be boring to have a long tab name, but information is completely loss and I have to check info Help > About Krita menu to know on which version I’m working; that’s especially a problem when both version are started at the same time…

So, @boud and @tiar, rather than removing totally this useful information, is it possible to have it into application title bar?

Krita [X.Y.Z-abc (git 0000000)]

Instead of current window title




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or maybe the Status bar?

Could you at least keep the git number in the nightly’s zip file? I download every nightly build to keep an archive I could use to track down when a bug first appeared. It helped a few times in the past tracing a particualr commit. Although the gitnumber is in the about screen, currently my zip files are numbered krita-nightly-x64-4.4.1-alpha (1) and so on, which doesn’t tell me much.

(I do that because the max number of builds on Jenkins is 5, so, unless someone downloads and keeps it, you’re out of luck when a bug appeared 10 builds ago.)


Yeah that would be good - I believe @dkazakov was the last person who touched those scripts.

Okay, I’ve added that to my todo list (but it is rather long). If someone wants to work on that bug, here are the files that should be changed:

You can propose a MR to the sysadmins repo and they will accept that.

This is my MR that changed the behavior:

I’ve added a sysadmin MR for that:

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Thank you :slight_smile: