Rendering Animation Problems

Every time that I try to render my animation, Krita pops up a caption in the corner that says: “Failed to render animation!” I’m using ffmpeg v. 4.2.2 static for windows 10, and using baseline. Can somebody please help?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Has this happened recently after some time of having no problems with rendering animations, or have you just started using krita to make rendered animations?

FFmpeg v. 4.2.2 is quite old (but should still work). The latest formal release is 4.3.1. Where did you get your ffmpeg from?
Where do you keep your ffmpeg?

Can you try making a small and simple short test animation and rendering that, both as animated .gif and as .mp4?
Do you see the intermediate (and temporary) .png frame files being made in the target/output video location folder?
Is the output folder in your own User area such as the Pictures or Documents folder?

Is a log_encode.log file created in the output folder?
Does it contain any obvious problem/error statements?
Can you make it available via a link to a file sharing service or a pastebin?

Could be that you have layer style effects on your animation layer, that is what it seems to be for me with this error.