Rendering Animation

I’ve created an animation using the JPN animation template, so the drawings include the Animators Pegboard layout. I’m guessing there is something within the Layers that make up the template that will limit what is ultimately rendered to just the desired output section of the Pegboard? I’ve not found it though. How do I limit what is rendered to just a portion of the overall drawings?

Somebody who really does know about this may be able to tell you how it’s usually/normally done but I suspect that it’s done as a post processing crop in a video editor.
You can do it easily by making a copy of your .kra file and cropping this ‘copy for cropping’.
One way is to make a new paint layer called ‘trim box’ (or whatever) and paint a filled rectangle to define the area you want to remain. Then with that layer selected, do Image -> Trim to Current Layer. This is a destructive process (which can be Undone but not after you’ve Saved it) so make sure you do it on a copy of your original .kra file.