Request : perspective ellipse, abstract ruler distance unit and more

Knowing about lazy nezumi pro, I compared Krita and the software and think a few things would help make drawing easier using rulers in Krita.

Some features I would request are the following :

  1. Perspective ellipses rulers
    See this article :

  2. vanishing lines distance unit
    See this article :

In terms of workflow, things are clear about 1)(the article).
As for 2), we just need the unit distance to help us guess how to draw more accurate proportions in space, so these graphic guides help in the situation.

As for what’s more, having rulers with unit distance for most of the rulers is requested too.

The unit rulers are assumed abstract, just like with- Lazy Nezumi Pro.

Have you tried reading this - and this -

I would request you to read this too -

Thank you, Krita has painting assistants, but there’s no perspective ellipses.
So this post serves as a starting point for this feature to be added in the future.

There is also a bug report for ellipse in square, you can subscribe to it.