Resize Canvas has been removed from the 5.0.0-prealpha ?

The Apr-12 5.0.0-prealpha appimage does not have a Resize Canvas function in the Image menu items.
The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C) is still listed but has no effect.

Are there developments in this area or is a bug report needed?

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I already talk about this here

but I still don’t know what to do when bugs are found on prealpha… :man_shrugging:
So, I’m waiting for beta to open bugs


It does seem unlikely that a major function would be accidentally left out.
But I just don’t know.
At the back of my mind I’m hoping that it involves incorporating this bug report:
415600 – Wishlist: Improved and additional Image Resize functions :slight_smile:

We’ll find out one day …