Resize panels

One of the problems I have to work more confortable becomes because I’ve not a big screen. I work on a laptop.

I wonder if it would be possible change the way to resize panels (I mean the brush panel, the options panel, te artistic panel, the toolbars or most important for me, the layers panel). Each panel can be resized just draging one of the corners or sides, but this don’t scale inside the content. In fact, on the layers panel case, it has a minimum size wich is much bigger than I need. Then If I attach another one panel above the layer’s one it becomes this minimum size any way.
I mean:

I think the solution could be something like, clic and drag over one panel with the middle button, and that will rezize the font and icons in there, but not the width of the pannel. I know it’s not the way to explain this, but I think it’s understandable: something similar like Blenders do.

Any case, only solveing tha layers panel could be resized like the brushes panels do, I alredy solve most of the problems for me. Another possible solution for this could be an option to hide the thumnail of the layer, and reduce the layer in one line. Most of times, I rename the layes and I already know what’s in it. The thumnail is already so small that don’t helps me. In that way, each layer could be reduced only to the fnt size. Anoother thing could be reduce the heigth or make scalable the sliders like the opacity one, or the brushes one. do you think something of this is possible?

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