Resource Manager Mockup - updated design (December 2020)

Please tell me your thoughts:

  • if you think there are some easier ways to do stuff in terms of UX
  • if you find something missing

Note: managing bundles (creating, importing, deleting etc.) is in a different dialog.

Missing for now:

  • exporting resources
  • be able to create a new tag with the brushes selected
  • tagging one brush with multiple tags at once (is it even needed?)


Resource Manager, view when you select one resource

Resource Manager, view when you select multiple resources

Resource Manager, view when you select multiple resources (alternative version, with drag&drop)
This one has one problem, because how to signalize “Remove resources from a tag/Deassigna tag from multiple resources” by drag&dropping. I guess it could be that way that you select the resources on the right side and the buttons above change to Deassign/Move, so drag&drop back from right to left side will be possible. Except that this would cause confusion - how to enter the mode to remove a tag from multiple resources? First you need to select multiple resources on the left side… that will move you to the multiple resources selection. Then select them on the right side to remove… (or just - maybe the default mode would be “multiple resources”? And then if you select one on the left side, it switches to the One Resource view).


The tab names I guess are not really final? ^^

The right hand side of “Many Resource View” confuses me a bit.
I can only assume it represents everything that allows the reverse action. I.e. for tagging, the resources that already have the selected tag (the one of the bottom right dropdown presumably), and in case of deletion it lists things that can be undeleted?

If that assumption isn’t already totally wrong, it seems somehow redundant then, the “do the action” button (I assume it shows Delete/Tag/Untag depending on the radio button selected) seems to do the same as the “>” button and the “untag resources” mode would be redundant too because you can just use “<” button for the “tag resources” mode.

In any case, I feel like the right hand side needs a descriptive heading, like “deleted resources” or “resources tagged as [some tag]” or whatever it actually represents.


Undeleting will be only possible in Database Cache Viewer (because of technical details). I might provide undeleting resources in Resource Manager that were deleted in last “Delete resource(s)” action, but that’s all.

My idea was, first choose which resources you want to do this action on, then execute it. Then you can for example tag it with multiple tags or tag with something and untag something else. And because of the technical detail above, it will be easier for deletion, too. (Basically, the Model that we use to communicate with the database only provides active, aka not deleted, resources).

I see, well I was more thinking that this editor only stages deletion so you can change your mind until you close the dialog…

Ooooh…so the right side is just the current selection for the action…okay got me confused, as people had wished to tag via drag&drop I assumed that just moving them from one side to the other already does something.

So yes, doing different action to the same group will be easier this way, but I’m not sure I’d need that much…or ever.

I get what you’re proposing. However I think that the mockup I made with a few little changes (better organization of stuff below + clear descriptions of what is on the left and what is on the right) it will be clear and not confusing, even though it would surely not win the UX award of the year :stuck_out_tongue:
On the other hand your suggestion to make it more real-time, on the fly or whaterver would be great, if I knew how to make it not confusing to people. I get the ease of moving stuff around and not have to care about a button, but how to communicate what is the user doing at that time etc.? If you can, it would help a lot if you could make a mockup of your idea so we can discuss it more precisely (and you’ll see the issues that I’m seeing, hopefully you’ll have an idea how to fix or work around them). Here’s a source file for the mockup:

@tiar - could you explain a bit about the one resource view and the multiple resource view. I am not quite clear what is showing up in either of those. This looks like a great start.

It appears the “one resource view” is a resource editor. And the “Many Resource View” is for deleting and tagging.

The resource editor area on the left also looks like you can do tagging though? Maybe it is me, but these two screens seem like something you can combine. The main difference seems to really be about how to manage multi-selections. I am pretty sure both grid view and the list view item delegates can support multiple selection. One idea of a potential UI is just to have the “One Resource View” screen and get rid of the tabs. If people have one resource selected, they have the edit options as normal, and also have a button to delete. If there are multiple resources selected, the right area is just replaced with the options to delete and gives you the list of tags to either tag or untag. I could come up with something if you coule provide your working design file.

Does this also need the ability to eventually import resources? I don’t see any functionality that would allow for that.

Well, I was thinking that the multiple resources view would be more powerful and easy to use because you can for example choose a few brushes from one tag, then a few brushes from another tag, and then tag them together “my greatest bundle ever”. Note that this view is intended partially for bundle creators.

But that’s an interesting suggestion for sure, something we’ll need to think about.

Other Krita users: would multiple selecting in the resources view (which will be very similar to what you see in the Brush Presets docker) be enough?

Nah, wait. What about deleting resources though? Now that Boud figured out how to include undeleting as well, it would be hard to do in the “One Resource View”. Unless I’d have some kind of a checkbox (show active/inactive resources) or what… I don’t know if it wouldn’t be either difficult to navigate.

UI/UX is really hard to communicate and to get right. So please, never under any circumstances feel offended. It might just be my ignorance or misunderstanding if something comes across unfriendly or even rude. Let’s go :slight_smile:

So far I really like the idea of cleaning up the resources interface.

At the end of the day a user wants:

  • to import/load assets
  • to export/save assets
  • to organize bundles or single things

Coming from this standpoint I think it could be more clear where things get in and out, for example: plus and minus signs are imho more clear than text saying add/remove because these symbols are universally known and also can save space. There was a long discussion with Blender about these things, so some things are kinda borrowed from that and mixed up with all other software UX I’ve experienced.
The arrow symbols are crystal clear to me, they tell me that I can organize my selected item(s) back and forth.

Current Resource Manager in Krita 4.2.9
If I look at the manager we have right now, I think the “active bundles” and “inactive bundles” could be one list instead of two. Just add check marks to the list to immediately see what is on/off. If this approach even will be kept and we won’t fnd a better way.

Just what came to my mind right now. Also, it might be good to look at the developers note from blender since they currently change some things regarding assets, too and have loads of people discussing the UI. For example the brush selector. Maybe they have some good solutions that could work with Krita, too.

It will be all different. Current (not ideal yet) state of the dialog where you have resource bundles:

Resource Manager will only deal with resources, not bundles of resources.

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So actually the two columns from before are now one. Nice :slight_smile:

It may be clear enough for “+” and “-” (if they really mean something logical like add and remove and not suddenly “import” and “hide” and whatnot) and arrows, but beyond that, I totally prefer buttons that plain and simple say what they do unless UI space is really scarce.

While belnder’s UI may be super compact, to me it’s still a prime example of how to make software hard to use. For me it only works if I use not just part of the application but all those specific features on a daily basis and know everything by heart. And I doubt resource editing is something you’d want to do every session…

At least blender has consistent and useful tooltips, something I put on my bullet list yesterday to fix in Krita.

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Okay, fear my crazy Inkscape skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, after a lot of pondering, the only likely case I can see where you’d do another action on the same selection is to remove things from tag “A” and add it to tag “B”. So I’d get rid of this pre-selection idea and instead offer a tag replacement mode.

To make it a bit more streamlined, I’d present the operation mode on top (because changing it also slightly modifies the UI below) and for tagging, moving stuff from one side to the other takes immediate action.

Deletion would stay pretty much the same though, instead of the tag dropdown on the right there would be a fat “Delete” button and the resource view would be labeled “Resources to be deleted:”

I’m not sure if the tag replacement mode is really that practical. It would have to remove the “All” and “All Untagged” meta tag choices on the left, and also hide all resources that have both selected tags I guess.

Oh and the tab names describe more the use case rather the way they present data, but I don’t feel like it’s the ultimate choice yet…

totally forgot, that edit button is to add/rename/delete tags, in a popup menu if that makes sense. Or would you rather have a more sophisticated dialog to manage tags themselves?

I don’t think so either. There should be a way to just add a tag and remove a tag to/from a bunch of resources. That’s the primary purpose.

Also I just realized, it should also contain a way to add a new tag to a bunch of resources. Maybe it would be possible to delete a tag as well, since for now it’s only possible in the tag tool dropdown in Brush Presets docker etc.

I hope the bundle system will be better soon. What bothers me a lot is if there is a bundle already with the same name it forces the user to type new name for it and doesn’t allow to cancel it with ESC key. Why?

Do you mean the Krita Next (nightly, master) version or the current released version?

Yeah, the nightly build, latest one. :slight_smile:

BTW. Why you named it 5.0 alpha and not 4.5, 4.6 or 4.8 ? :open_mouth:

Because we decided recently to make a new release 4.3.0 with a lot of new features, but leave the resource rewrite for a new version that will be so major that we want to name it 5.0 :slight_smile:

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Does that mean 4.3 is not gonna have the new resource system?

No, not yet. We were planning that, yes, but we’ve got so many new features on master, we don’t want to keep them there, we want to release :slight_smile: And resource rewrite is still not ready… We hope it will be somewhat soon, but we had so much trouble focusing on it in recent months that the progress is a bit slower than anticipated.