Restore default settings

Hello Krita community!
I have a problem and I no longer have brushes or erasers except 2.
Maybe I accidentally deleted all the others, which are included by default. Since I would like to work with the others, I would like to have them again but I don’t know how …

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You might have filtered by tag because it’s very difficult and lots of work to delete everything. It’s the sort of thing you’d remember doing.

Did you do anything like that?
Have you been in the Manage Resources section and made the default krita_4_default_resources inactive?

Can you restart krita and look at the top of the Brush Presets docker and make sure the drop down tag selector says ‘All’?

If that is of no help, can you post a full screenshot (png) showing the Brush Presets docker?