rotate drawing angle when i apply pressure

right now if i select both drawing angle and pressure in it behaves like i only selected drawing angle.

I do not want the brush to rotate when i press lightly. and when i press then I want it to rotate in the drawing angle.

For some reason, you can’t use the Pressure signal to gate/enable the Rotation by Drawing Angle.

You can use Pressure to gate/enable the Size or Opacity by Drawing Angle.

This may be because of the way in which angular outputs are multiplied together or not multiplied: i.e you can’t multiply angular values.
You’d need the advice of a developer for this.

After some testing to confirm the issue, I looked through the code, and it appears the Drawing Angle always gets added as an offset, so it completely ignores the “Curves calculation mode” multiply option.

I thought maybe you could get a similar effect with a pen with tilt support, but that didn’t work either. Looking in the code, Tilt Direction is always treated as Additive, so it also can’t be turned on/off with pressure by using the multiply option.

Even if those options were changed to be affected by “multiply” mode, creating a brush like that would be really cludgy (pressure graph would be 0 to 1 degrees, I guess?), so implementing this feature effectively would probably require some sort of new option in either the curves widget or the “drawing angle” section of the curves widget.

This is a great example of a problem that a nodes-based brush editor solves perfectly. You would just have a “pen pressure” node feed into a “drawing angle” node, that feeds into the rotation slot of the final output. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had time to work on the node brush engine, so that won’t be a thing anytime soon, unless someone else wants to try taking it up.