Save/ Export and Import/ Load keyboard shortcuts

Yesterday, I had an issue with Krita not progressing beyond the splashscreen (loading main window message, see below), so I backed-up my appdata/local and appdata/roaming folders, uninstalled Krita and removed the aforementioned folders. After reinstalling Krita Nightly-x64-5.0.0-beta2-c435638235, I had some issues getting my keyboard shortcuts to load and ended up pasting the .shortcuts file directly into the designated folder.

This begs the question: what is the difference between the Save/ Export and Import/ Load keyboard shortcuts?

Save/Load deals with Custom Shortcuts.
Export/Import deals with an entire Shortcut Scheme.

The Shortcut Scheme is the entire set of currently operating shortcuts, including any Custom overrides.
The contents of Custom Shortcuts will overide individual items of the current Scheme.
It does that by replacing the contents of kritashortcutsrc.
When you Save Custom Shortcuts, you actually save the contents of kritashortcutsrc.

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I was also a bit confused by the Shortcut/Scheme differentiation. Probably because the word “Scheme” isn’t very descriptive for this purpose.

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