"Save tags to folder" - Custom tags?

I’ve been poking around Krita 5 some more and found the “Save tags to folder” button. I have two questions about it:

  1. I assume this is to save the tags so that they can be restored in case the resource database is damaged or deleted, and needs to be rebuilt. Is that right?

  2. If that is the case, how can I make it save my custom tags? I’ve pressed that button and noticed that it created *.tag files in the resource folder, but only the in-built tags and the tags added by bundles seem to be present. Any tag I’ve manually added seems to have been ignored.

Yes. It might b e buggy (as everything new, and everything related to resources in Krita 5), in which case a bug report would be awesome, if you could make it - on bugs.kde.org .


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Thank you very much!

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