Saving formats

Hi all I’m trying to save my art for a commission and it needs to be saved for commercial printing which is the best format to save it in?.

Also can someone tell me what each save format does and I’m hoping to print merch such as: stickers, t-shirt prints, posters ext…


The printing company has to tell you their specifications. They probably want PNG files though with sRGB, CMYK or their own specific color profile.

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There are 30 different file formats for Saving/Exporting.
Wikipedia or a Google Search would be the quickest way to find out what each one is about.

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Just always save an KRA file and your good.

It is humiliating wanting to export into another format and people only used jpg for some reason and lost all layers so they can’t edit nothing anymore for something they forgot when they are at the printer. And now they only have compressed artefacts too.

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For your own use, use the kra file format, and for printing ask the printing shop which format they prefer. Most prefer tiff in my place.

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Ok it’s my partner you see who wants a brand logo for his future company but he needs it to be printable for merch but also if he was to take it too a print shop for vinyl stickers for his van ect… which is why I’m not sure what to save it as.

Save it as .kra.
Later, you can open it and Export it as any other file format depending on what the printing company tells you they prefer to have.

When it’s printed, the colours will not be as bright or saturated as you see on your monitor. This is just a fact of life with printing.

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Logos need to exist in a vector format.