Scaling is wonky on secondary monitor

I’m trying to set up Krita, but I’m running into an issue.
Krita scales correctly on my main display, but on my secondary one the UI shrinks or expands to the point where I can’t use the app.
When I change the main display to my second monitor the app scales correctly, but the problem is reversed.
My current setup is 2 monitors with different scaling settings (1200x1800 laptop at 150% & 1080p monitor at 100%), so I’m guessing the issue is that the scale is set on start up rather than changing dynamically like most other applications.

Is there a way to manually refresh the scaling settings, or at least force the app to start up on the second monitor?

You can disable hidpi support – that is support for display scaling, but that’s it. The display scaling is handled by Qt, the development framework Qt uses, and that’s not something we can change.