Screen Or Processor

Not so long ago (half a year maybe), I sold my notebook to help some family member. And now that I have some money, I want to buy a new one. Having no mobile pc is very inconvenient. But with my limited budget and the limited supply, there’s only 2 reasonable choice available for me.

A dual core with Full HD screen.
A quad core but with only HD screen.

I kinda have enough of 1366x768 screen, in this day and age those resolution simply doesn’t feel enough.

But I also have more than enough of dual core processor, since the dawn of humanity I have been using dual core and all of them felt pretty unsatisfying to use/work with.

A better deal would eventually come of course, but something like that probably only available next year or even beyond. So, what do you guys think. Screen. . or processor?

That’s not really enough information to make a recommendation, because screen resolution and core count aren’t the only crucial figures.

If the 1366x768 display is a TN panel and the 1080p one a decent IPS, I’d definitely go for the latter for example, because all TN panels I tried to do even the most basic graphics work with drove me insane. Colors are extremely viewing angle sensitive with TN, not to mention they typically don’t even have true 8-bit/channel but only 6-bit plus dithering.

Also dual vs. quad-core…like some Skylake or newer i3 with only 2 cores/4 threads would still be faster than some Atom (no SMT a.k.a. Hyperthreading, also no AVX) or AMD Kaveri or Carrizo APU with 4 “Cores” (which are really 2 modules, which are somewhere between 2 independent cores without SMT and a single core with SMT)

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IPS, and it was between ryzen 3, 3250u (2 cores, 4 threads, 3 gpu cores) and 3300u (4 cores, 3 threads, 6 gpu cores)

Ah so you’re configuring a new one and deciding tradeoff on the otherwise same model?
Wasn’t really clear if you were talking about new or second-hand hardware.

Tricky one, but 1366x768 is really the absolute minimum Krita can be called functional, and by now I’m actually glad my 1080p desktop monitor broke and I got a 1440p one, it makes a huge difference.
I’d probably go with the better screen, 2 cores/4 threads Zen+ is certainly not the greatest CPU but I think it’d be a bit more bearable to me than the low-res screen.

But it’s a bit tough that the GPU is cut down too, together with a higher res display it’s like a double penalty. But then again, it’s probably still better than everything Intel had until Ice Lake at least, for Krita it should be fine, but for games it’s clearly not the ideal choice.