Screen Recording Question - Mensajes emergentes en el lienzo

Buenas tardes! estoy comenzando con Krita . Me parece fascinante pero tengo pocos conocimientos de momento.

Necesito que en el lienzo no aparezcan mensajes emergentes de ayuda porque estoy haciendo una grabación de pantalla mientras dibujo y se ve cuando utilizo el zoom o elijo una determinada herramienta . ¿ Puedo hacer que estos mensajes no aparezcan temporalmente?

Muchas gracias !!!

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Good afternoon! I’m starting with Krita. I find it fascinating but I have little knowledge at the moment.

I need help not pop up on the canvas because I am making a screen recording while drawing and it shows when I zoom or choose a certain tool. Can I make these messages temporarily not appear?

Thanks a lot !!!

Hi @diverbujo - Welcome to the forum. Krita has no control over what your screen recorder picks up. Possibly there are screen recorders that allow you to filter out those things? But Krita does have a tool you might like. It’s not a screen recorder, it’s a timelapse recorder that shows only your painting – zoom and tools are not captured. You can access it by enabling the Recorder Docker. Here’s some info on it:

By the way, please translate your posts into English before posting. It will be easier for people to help you.


You can try to deactivate some popup message
Menu Settings > Configure Krita and the General / Window
Deactivate “Show on-canvas popup messages”


If you disable ‘Show on-canvas popup messages’ as explained by @Grum999 above, you need to restart krita before this takes effect.
That will supress the Zoom percentage display and possibly other popup messages.

The tooltips that appear when you select a tool or use other controls are not supressed by that - they are not on-canvas popup messages.

Tooltips appear when you hover stationary for more than a second and then they respond more quickly as you go from one tool to another.
To hover stationary for a second is easy with a mouse.
It is less easy with a stylus.
If the tooltips are bad for your screen recording, you can try using a stylus because it is difficult to hold a stylus perfectly stationary.

Voy a investigarlo . Muchas gracias:)

Thanks a lot. now I don’t see it anymore

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