Script for calculating the total drawing time for a directory

This script outputs the drawing time extracted from editing-time tag of documentinfo.xml. Also it calculates the total drawing time spent for all .kra files in a specified directory.

Mine was:

Pictures/my-drawings/2018/01-Natsuki/natsuki_005.kra	natsuki	20180109151647	73466	(20h 24m 26s)
Pictures/my-drawings/2018/05-pw/pw01.kra	pw01	20180509231225	21181	(5h 53m 1s)
Pictures/my-drawings/2018/15-ny/gr_003.kra	gr	20181202230124	36335	(10h 5m 35s)
total time spent=7002785 seconds (81d 1h 13m 5s)

81 days, not so much :sweat_smile: …

Feel free to submit your timings, it would be really nice to know how much you spent on it!

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Sorry for asking but wouldn’t be easier to just go to file>document info and seeing the time spent there? It already gives you the time in the format you are transforming into. EyeOdin plugin timer watch also shows this information easily if i remember correctly

It sums up the time you’ve spent on all KRA-files in a folder…


Ah i see i didn’t look at the code and only read the post. The way it was described it looked like it only showed the time spent in one file. Thanks for clearing that up

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@Michelist That’s right, thank you so much. Somehow I forgot to say it’s for a directory of .kra files.