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Hello krita developer community, I have been studying programming and I am interested in the work of PyQt5 in krita, and I want to be able to study it a little more
I would be very grateful, if you could recommend me a channel or site that deepens more about PyQt5 in krita
thank you very much for your attention

Any simple tutorial can get you started on PyQt5, like say this:

You just need python installed and install PyQt5, then you can play with it or follow the tutorials.

Then as far as Krita is concerned. as I mentioned, Krita.instance().activeWindow().qwindow() will give you access to Krita’s QMainWindow so once you get the hang of how PyQt5 works, you can edit all of the elements there. There is nothing magical about PyQt5 specifically for Krita. It works like any other QT application as far as GUI elements go.

If you are looking for something specific, then maybe an example can be given to better suite your needs.

-( then maybe an example can be given to better suite your needs.)
of course, it would be very helpful friend :sweat_smile:

How about Krita Scripting School ?

There is also this Youtube series but I don’t know how good it is. The Scripting School link will still be useful because it lists all the actions and icons you can use, and it’s more official. But if you like videos, or if Scripting School turns out to be too little, you can see this too: Krita Python Scripting Tutorial #1 - Introduction & Examples - YouTube

that video series is literally him speaking what is already in the Krita manual and one or two extra points added in. it is helpfull to see where too click and stuff though.

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