Self Character Lineart

Hello All :slight_smile:
I’m new here and thought I’d share 3 pics of my self character black-neko21 :slight_smile:

the top 2 pics were edited on my phone to enhance the white and black parts as well as get rid of any old pencil lines that didn’t get erased :sweat_smile:

I was having a bit of art black when I drew all 3 of these in the order of Bottom, Top, then Middle.

for this pic I decided to draw Black-neko21 as a sailor Scout, originally the big circle was going to be a crescent moon but that got changed as I continued :sweat_smile:
This is also the ONLY OC I have whose main weapon is a Gun, the one thing that I can’t draw very well.
I was using a pic of Sailor Mars as my main Reference :slight_smile:

For this one I was just drawing my self character in a lolita outfit, I liked the magic swirls from my Sailor Scout drawing and used them to make the Art Supplies Appear since Art is Magic :slight_smile:

This was my first drawing to get out of my art black, basically just drawing my character angry :slight_smile:
. . .
in space :sweat_smile:

The top 2 were edited on my phone using the Impact Preset to make the blacks darker and the whites brighter :slight_smile:
I find it makes the pics look clearer :slight_smile:


Krita has the Levels and Threshold filters, In the Filter -> Adjust collection which will give you detailed control over black/grey/white levels as well as pure black+white conversion for a scanned or photographed pen/pencil on paper drawing.

If you want to do colouring then there are various techniques and tools that can be used.