Self taught - Freehand portrait painting, your thoughts please?

This only took me about 3 hours. This is a study from photo. How do you people like it.


It’s nice but your post should be in the “artwork - traditional” category, not lounge. The lounge is where we post conversations related to art work like choosing a style or workstation setups.

I moved it for you.

If you want critiques, you can also add that tag to your post.

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Thank you I appreciate that.

Hello, how can I add tag. Can you please help me add tag ? I am new to this platform.

Hi - When you’re composing a post the system displays categories along with the subject matter appropriate for each category. At the same time it gives you the option of adding tags. That’s the easiest way to attach tags to your post.

You can also edit your existing posts by clicking on the pencil icon next to the post title. If there is no pencil icon there, it means you haven’t yet been granted editing access. If ever you want something edited before you gain that ability, just reply to your own post and one of us will be happy to help.

Nice portrait. Thanks for sharing it. I would also suggest you to share your artworks made in krita with us too.

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