Selling art?

What is’s stand on offering art sales on the website? I have read through all the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service and I see no prohibition, but I want to stay well within the spirit of the rules, not just the letter. I’m not planning (or expecting) any major art sales, but I have had a few of my images made into wooden jigsaw puzzles. I enjoy these very much, and I’d like to be able to offer the same to others. The actual puzzles would be made by Liberty Puzzles, who do an excellent job. Perhaps other artists would be interested in this also… I’ve seen a few images I might want to get in puzzle form.

When you post an artwork in #artwork category and its subcategories, you can include the link for the shop which sells that artwork. If your trust level is higher or equal to “member” (trust level 2) (refer - Understanding Discourse Trust Levels) than you can also include an link to all your artworks, website social media presence etc in one thread under the #jobs:artists-for-hire category. Just don’t make individual repeated posts or keep on updating the topic just to bring it up it will be considered spamming.

I’d like to add a short statement to each of my artworks. Is there any way for me to update a topic without jumping it to the top of the list? (Actually, I’ve wanted to do that a couple of other times too).

I am not sure if edits bring the topics to top. Can you check by naming an edit for one or two of your topics

Okay, simply adding text to an existing topic doesn’t seem to push it up to the top. Thanks!

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