Shading References

It is common for designers to rely on photos (references) to shade their drawings. Of course, for this, the images must have a correct light/shadow marking… or they will be of little use. That’s the problem, because for some time now, the photos have been excessively retouched by amateurs who understand little about art.

As a result, the model ends up with a false shading, more like a plastic doll. One solution is to resort to old photos, they do not have this inconvenience and are great references for shading. Look at these images, for example:

These photos are part of a gallery of covers of an old film magazine called Pour Vous. The cover gallery can be accessed here.

The Cover Browser site, where these images are, contains countless other magazine covers, including comics, pulps, books… and even covers of old games! See the complete list here.

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