Sharp curves settings

Is there any way to make sharp corners in the curve settings?

Say I want to make a stepped curve, so at low pressure, <1/3 it’s all flat 0%
then at 1/3-2/3 pressure, it’s all 50% and then at 2/3> it’s 100% (a stairs like curve)

I can try to place curve points close together, but as the curve window is so small it’s hard to place them close enough.

The reason for this is that I want to be able to have 3 value steps within one brush (2 is easy).


I’m not sure it’s possible without putting point very close.

Here a feature request for an implementation of what your’re asking for (if I understood your question):


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The only place you can have steps in the transfer function is at the extremes of the ranges where limiting takes place.
In between, you get cubic curves and trying to make a step requires more and more points to try to control the overshoots.
If a rough and wobbly step would be good enough then you can try that but it’s very frustrating to do.

Depending on the nature of the effect you’re trying to acheive, i.e. the end result, you can get that kind of ‘value banding’ by use of an animated (.gih) brush controlled by pressure, with three discrete brushtips.


I should have said:
… that has three internal brushtip images.

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Ah, that’s unfortunate - would have been a powerful tool to have, and it’s not really possible to create the shapes I want with the small curve editor either as the level of control is low.

but that does answer the question - thanks ~

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