A commission piece I did for a friend.

License - CC BY-SA 4.0


Are those giant silkworms?

Yes those are silkworms.

Man, the texture and rendering on the silk worms is just amazing. Nice piece!

thanks @emmetpdx

Wow. Nice one

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Awesome ! have you recorded the painting process ? please share a link here.

I have not recorded the process of this one, but you can find my normal process on my website -

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No it’s a tiny shepherd. x3

I see. Your arts are the way, if you wish, you can record your painting process by OBS. those are worth doing for us.

Thanks. Yes, I do record stuff from time to time. I use simplescreenrecorder to record.

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I am happy using your sponge 02 brush for shading. That is amazing too.

I am glad that you find it useful :slight_smile:

So much detail!

Good art sir!

Nice work Raghukamath.
I sharing link of my greeting animation done in Krita.Please have look.

A.Sendil kumar

I cannot find uploading options in this Krita Artist community,please guide me.thanks.

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