Shift+Z (undo polygon selection points) - not working?

Hi, I am new here. I’ve used Krita 4.3 for a previous drawing recently. Using the Polygon selection with the undo points - Shift+Z, I find it not working in version 4.3 - even changing the shortcut key does not fix the issue. I went back to version 4.2 and tried there, and it is working perfectly in version 4.2. I’ve used both the portable and the installed 4.3 version (x64) - but same issue occurs.

Is there any workaround or fix to this?

It works as advertised in krita:plus here… (that’s 4.3 with a handful of bugfixes… we didn’t change the polygonal select in any shape here)

thanks for the reply, for some reason Shift+Z does not work for me, but I was able to fix it now, remapped the shortcut to Alt+Z instead