Shiny object study - brown ceramic pitcher

First time trying to paint a shiny object. I’m happy with the look of the pitcher but I struggled with the table. To my eye, the table behind the pitcher looks off but I don’t know how to fix it. Helpful suggestions welcome.
Painted from reference: Acrylic still life painting for beginners - Part 1 of 3 - YouTube


Oops. Forgot to add the artwork.


Good work on the pitcher! I think the furthest plank of the table is a flatter shade in the reference. You’ve ditched the cast shadow that was in the background, maybe that made it harder to see what the actual shades are there? Basically, it doesn’t seem to get that dark towards the rear in the reference. I think if you find the right shade, that can almost be painted as a single colour.


Perhaps add some grain texture to the table? The pitcher is beautifully done and very life-like, I’d just experiment with adding a little texture to the table until you find something you’re happy with. Also, wooden tables, especially old and well used tables, tend to have little scrapes, dings and grooves - which you could add sparingly without detracting from the pitcher.

Nice work so far.


Thank you!

Love the pitcher…excellent…I think the table shading darker could be lightened and perhaps a different color wall/background…they seem to blend together…need a sharper edge/contrast perhaps…

I made some adjustments in the table and now it appears (to me at least) that the table surface behind the pitcher is on the same plane (mostly) as the table in front of the pitcher. In my original version the table surface in the background looked as if it was floating in the air.


good job!