Short stubby little Intuos tablet pen?

I’m using an Intuos Pro tablet with the stylus it came with. Fine, except I’m working in a crampy little area sitting at a mini table on an unergonomic bench. I can’t put the tablet on the table due to no space, and can’t put the tablet on my lap as the mini-table is in the way. So far I’ve been sitting sideways, knees away from the table, to make room for working on the tablet. I twist my neck to see the monitor, even 180 degrees (almost) to see the 2nd monitor where I have up tutorials, photo ref, whatever. Uncomfortable! Artists must suffer…

So, I wonder if I could sit straight with my knees under the little mini-table with my keyboard and monitor. With about 9 to 10 cm space between the tablet and the underside of the mini-table, the 14cm stylus doesn’t fit. Bang, whack, bump, try to use it at a severe slant but Krita’s brushes I like are tilt sensitive. (Bump whack whoops whack again even when I’m sitting sideways!)

Imagined solution: a stylus that’s only 6cm long. Does such a thing exist that works with Intuos Pro?
Of course I looked on the Wacom site and did Google searches, but nothing.

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