Shotgun Toolkit Engine for Krita released

Hi Krita community,

Since this is my first post I will briefly introduce myself: I’m a Pipeline and Production tools Developer that has worked in the Animation/Film industry for quite a while, with a passion for making artist’s life easier by automating the boring, repetitive and non creative tasks.

I’ve just released the integration of Shotgun Toolkit with Krita. With it, all of the standard toolkit applications should work, allowing working in a managed way, loading/saving/publishing artwork, keeping it up to date and publishing your projects and layers into Shotgun.


For those that do not know Shotgun, it is an asset and production management system that allow studios to keep track of their projects. Shotgun Toolkit is basically a way to integrate Shotgun within different content creation tools, so artists use the same UIs/workflows in all application to retrieve and publish their work.

While installing the integration is meant to be done by a technical person, I’ve added as much detailed instructions as possible so people that are roughly familiar with it can give it a try.

So far, I’ve had the chance to test it with Krita 4.2.7+ (and briefly with the recent 4.3-beta too) under Windows 10.

Hope this helps to someone out there!

  • Diego


Oh, awesome! It would be great if you could edit this post in a write-up we can post on!

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Hi @boud, that would be really cool. What format are you are you looking for ? Do you have an example of what you are after I could follow ?

I am by far no expert using Krita, but I’m very impressed in how easy it was to pick the API. if it helps, I added some notes about my experience as a pipeline developer with Krita API at the end of the README, in case you are interested.

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Well, mostly this, but a bit longer. We’ll edit it a bit before posting.

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