Should we ask users for working conditions while registering?

Should we ask when registering new users here in the forum that they indicate which operating system they use and if possible also which version of Krita, and which hardware is used for painting/drawing/animating? I think it is easier for someone to be asked for this data during the registration process, as this user is not yet in “question mode” for their support request there. (I know you can specify your OS should someone fill out their other profile data after logging into the user area. What not many users do.)

The reason I ask for this is simply that an estimated 90% of the users asking for help “forget” this information in their topics. This would save the helpers the annoying asking for this data. One look at these data of the user and the helpers could begin to answer the actual question. Helpers would get the basic data they need and users would get targeted support faster.

However, unlike all other profile information, this information should not be able to be hidden, because otherwise it would make no sense to query this.

You could either show it on the “user card” that appears when you click on username or avatar, or you could alternatively design it like in some PC technology forums, where the like is often displayed to the left of the posts below the avatar (but that would be an optical intrusion to the look of the forum). Some forums also use signatures for this, but we don’t use those here.
This display could be limited to the support areas of the forum, since it is only needed there, and the display would theoretically be sufficient at the opening post, if, yes, if other users, with similar problems, would not jump up again and again as free riders on existing support questions.
Therefore, it could be helpful, if this display would be shown with every post that is made in the support area.

Should it be introduced, one could ask the users perhaps once a year to check the topicality of their data?


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I’d got the impression you were vehemently against such authoritarian measures?!


I’m against that
For most of user in general question, it could be useful but template in general question already ask for that ; people just ignore it most of time :man_shrugging:

For someone posting on artwork, lounge, or other category, we don’t need to know that…


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No, not in General Questions and also not in Basics & Interface, only in Input Device Support.
And the idea behind it, to ask while registration, is the thing I mentioned above, there the users are in a different state of mind, or another “mode”, they answer questions to get registered, to open the door to the point of desire - the support forum.


You’re right

Then, adding this in default template of general question could be a good thing.
Not sure it will be used but at least, it will be asked by default :sweat_smile:

But asking user to fill personal informations about os, system or other stuff in profile, I’m not for…

I’m able to fill it with poo-poo if it’s mandatory :upside_down_face:


Asking this on registration would be pretty annoying and only makes sense if this was a pure support forum. I bet most registered users aren’t even here primarily for the support.

I wouldn’t even have registered if that was required and assumed this to be just another data grabbing website.

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I am not sure where you are deriving this from. Possibly, since I expressed that from my point of view every first question could be a feature request? So, as long as it is TOS and CoC compliant.


Add: Sorry, before, I thought I clicked the wrong post to answer.

Such things could happen - and were not good, would harm the forum.
Therefore, it is good to discuss it.


The problem you will have with something like that, is that people won’t update their information when it changes. So, they’ll ask a question and get a hundred answers saying, “The latest version fixes that bug,” just because their info says they are two versions behind… even if they weren’t complaining about a bug that may or may not have ever existed. Why? Because internet. Because there are people who need to prove to themselves that they are smarter. So they say these things without thinking.

In the end, you will have traded one problem for another.

Source: I’ve been online since the BBS days. The only real “solution” to the “lack of setup info” problem is draconian measures: deleting “incomplete” posts, or mods moderating the heck outta posts. And I’m guessing y’all aren’t the kind of folks who would be into that kind of thing. This isn’t Stack Overflow, after all.

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:slight_smile: Hello @Grant_Robertson and welcome to the forum!

You are right. In the end, those people harm themselves without thinking, because a wrong voluntary disclosure leads to (possibly) wrong answers, and they’ll get the help they are looking for later, if ever.



Me too. I began with acoustic-couplers and a self-soldered modem and interface. It was a crazy time, then.

I’m not sure either now that I think about it - though not entirely baseless! :thinking:

Anyway - it’s irrelevant; my response was reactive and not very helpful so I apologise.

I’m not in favour of demanding such information from members, new or existing, because I think it will create resistance and bad feeling.

I can totally understand your frustration though! :wink:

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That is the cat hunting its tail, one issue causes the other and back. :frowning:
Unluckily and always, one side will feel sad.


I wonder if it’s possible to have a custom overlay for the text box in the support forum - to advise people what info may be needed for particular issues before they start typing. Maybe like that popup when it says your topic appears to be similar to an existing one.


Instead of asking versions of things that can easily outdated in a couple of months you could just ask the type of OS you have because that will change alot less over time.

Knowing your OS is not very personal. Knowing your favourite colour is more personal than your OS info since you only have 3 choices. Web scrapping sites know more than that of your computer by just visiting it so I don’t get the barrier.

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