Should we have a brush request, or brush question thread/ section?

I notice that quite a number of thread in lounge and general question - are brush related.

probably as annoying the can x feature from y software be in krita - i will admit that brushes are an exceptions for me. :joy:

So the How can I make this brush? or can this brush be ported? Are interesting for me - its a good way to grab some new brushes.

Or how does this sensor work exactly.

Ramon’s vids are primer but it’s still hard to grasp for someone who just opened the humongous editor for the first couple of times and i know user who make their own bundle have some tricks and tips up their sleeve.

Plugin’s have the Plugin develop thread - brushes doesn’t really have a place where you can discuss things how to make or tweak a certain brush.

And i know we already have 1321313 number of brushes but as I learned… you can’t help trying new ones. :joy:


I love that idea.

Too true. It’s like looking at a bowl of potato chips and trying to convince yourself you don’t “need” to eat any.


Certainly, it would still be good to make a list with the created brushes, I mean I just made a brush a few hours ago in one of those posts and possibly it gets lost in the messages.

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Brushes can already be proposed in the dedicated #resources:brushes-and-bundles category… :upside_down_face:


yes unfortunately people prefer to ask again and again and again rather than taking the time to search a little bit…

I’m not having a dedicated category will avoid this problem


A place where people can discuss about how to made a brush could probably be interesting

After just hope people will make a minimal effort to use the right category for the right question :slight_smile:


hahaha true, in the case of brushes its kinda all over the place :sweat_smile:.

so that’s why im thinking of just a thread - that can people can post to and merge any of those question. So it can serve as archive of brushes created there as well.

TBF im also kinda ehhh (there’s an urge to clean them up) with the number of those kind of thread and where they are - sometimes on lounge, sometimes on general question. There are a number of them. :joy:

I feel like I only understand a quarter of the brush engine. There’s also the incoming change to the editor that is currently up for some testing.

I guess a forum frequently asked questions could even be made about a bunch of stuff not just brushes.

Making a meme about “before you ask a question” would be funny.


I set up a new categopry for brushes and bundles #support:bundles-and-resources-help That should take care for a place to ask for resource help.

In addition to this I am think about opening a weekly or monthly brush making contest/excercise thread where people gather and make brushes or any resources collaboratively. May be like a challenge. I do not know how it will be done, or how successful it will be.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe an alternated between make a brush of this theme and make a brush similar to this from x software.

I forgot - does discussion for upcoming brush preset like taking suggestion will go there to?

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