Should we include a link to the KDE-Bugtracker somwhere on the site?

I just thought if it would be a good Idea to link to Krita’s section on the KDE-Bugtracker so people can easily find where to report Bugs. Would it? I see sometimes bugs being posted on this site but there’s no dedicated section for bug reports, is it?

You can already access that easily from inside Krita itself. Help > Report a bug.

Nice, didn’t see it. Although this only works when the application can still be started :stuck_out_tongue:.
There is also a link on I think. The question is where are people most likely to look :thinking:. I’m probably thinking too much about this.

In my opinion I don’t think we should add it to the top bar here. The space is already crowded. People might directly go to report bug, Which is not the intention of this forum. The intention is that people will report the bug or problems here first after it is confirmed as bugs they will be suggested to go to the site. That way it will keep unwanted support request off the bug tracker.

Yes you’re right, I understand. I’ve also seen some bugs reported here that where actually features just misunderstood. It’s good to discuss things first as a community.

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