Show brush presets (e.g. brush tips and patterns) and filter by tags in the resource manager window

Currently, the Resource manager window locks Krita, meaning I can’t open any other window with the Resource manager active. Also, it won’t allow me to navigate the Brush editor window when opened.

I would like to have a look in the brush editor to check the brush tips associated to a brush preset to create a bundle. But there now doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. If I could navigate the UI with the resource manager open, this issue would be solved.

Alternative solution/ workaround
Open a second instance of Krita and open the Brush editor there.

E: Opening a second window still locks Krita with the resource manager opened in the first window.

Krita is locked because the resource manager is a modal window. Windows are normally made modal when it’s too dangerous to have the user doing things in the rest of the application. The better request would be to be able to show preset details from the resources manager instead.

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You don’t need to do this. Krita from version 5 on does this for you, as I wrote in your other Topic.


That’s also a legit option. All I want is a viewer mode basically. Then I could also look at the tags brush tips and patterns and export accordingly. I have updated the topic title.